Leslie Saucedo, Payroll Director, to retire at the end of February

Dear Colleagues,

After more than 18 years of service to the university, Leslie Saucedo will retire from her position as the Director of Payroll Services at the end of this month.

Leslie served as Director for the last 11 years, and 7 years as Assistant Director prior to that. Before coming to UT Austin, Leslie worked at Texas State University where she started as a work-study student in her first semester and worked her way up to Assistant Director of Accounting, with primary responsibility over payroll operations.

Leslie’s leadership was absolutely instrumental in the development and launch of Workday in November. Consultants and other higher education Workday clients have commented that UT Austin had the most well organized and prepared Payroll office staff of any implementation, and that is largely due to Leslie’s influence and hands-on involvement from the beginning of the planning process to after the Workday launch.

Leslie has been a strong administrator and her caring and devotion to the employees of this university is apparent in the work that she has done and in the values and work ethic instilled in the strong team she has led.

In her own words, Leslie expressed her gratitude to the university community, “Being a part of this amazing university community for the last 18 and a half years has been one of the most gratifying and enriching experiences of my life. I have developed strong relationships and made many friends along the way. I know that I won’t be able to personally say goodbye to everyone, but want them to know that they will be missed! I wish everyone all the best in what is yet to come.”

Please join me in congratulating Leslie on her retirement and thanking her for her leadership, dedication, and devotion to her work.


Darrell Bazzell
Senior Vice President and CFO

Quotes from the Community:

"Leslie has been a pleasure to work for and work with. She is professional and respectful, and has been a role model for me both professionally and personally. She has set an incredible example as a leader, and Payroll Services and UT Austin have been fortunate to have her. She will truly be missed, and never forgotten."

"…There's not a better Director on campus who balances integrity, deadlines, challenges, risks, and customer service. She's been an absolute delight to work with over the years. She is one of my all-time favorite people."

"Not only is Leslie very passionate about her work, she is also incredibly passionate about the employees who are paid through payroll. Her compassion for her colleagues and other employees is apparent in everything that she does."

"Although her knowledge and professionalism are amazing, what really sets Leslie apart to me is how kind, patient, and encouraging she is, despite the high standards she sets for Payroll. She's a true leader who brings out the best in everyone who works with her! "

"I have worked under Leslie for more than 10 years and she has exceeded everything I expect from a Director. She has been fair, supportive and has handled critical issues with grace, intelligence, and honesty. I will always admire how calm and controlled she has been during our most hectic periods."

"I have worked with Leslie in Payroll for 10 years now. Our office has felt like my family and Leslie played a big role in creating that. She established traditions and an overall tone of the office that I haven't seen anywhere else. She will be missed, but we are happy to celebrate her and the next chapter of her life."

"Leslie is the same loyal, kind, and dedicated leader no matter the situation. She calmly stands her ground when necessary, makes time for everyone, willingly listens to new ideas, and knows when a bit of fun is in order. In short, she's the kind of boss anyone would want, so we're sad to see her go.

"Strength and dignity are her clothing…and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue." Prov. 31:25a, 26b"

"As one of the most recent additions to the Payroll Services team, I unfortunately don't have years of memories to draw from. In the few months that I've been fortunate enough to work with Leslie, however, she has made a major impact on me. She is one of the most loyal and kind people I've known, and her dedication to making the campus a better place is clear in everything she does. I'm grateful to have had the chance to know her, and am inspired by her example of true leadership and dedication she provides each and every day."

"I'm going to miss Leslie so much—probably even more than I can imagine right now. She's been my boss, mentor, and friend since I first started at UT, and she's proven herself to be one of the most committed, caring and hard-working persons I've ever met. She can hold her head high when she walks out of her office on Feb. 28th because she's leaving behind a staff committed to those same values."

"I have had the privilege of working with Leslie over the last 12 years in Payroll. From day one she welcomed, taught, and supported me, facilitating my growth along the way. I have never worked with a better leader, supporter, and genuine. caring person. Leslie will be sorely missed in our office and across the campus community."

"I have truly been blessed to work for such a wonderful person who leads by example. Leslie has always been in the long-haul with us; she comes in early before most staff and is nearly always one of the last to leave, always waiting to make sure the payroll has completed and sticking through the double-up evening work with us. She includes herself on each of our team email addresses in a direct effort to stay involved and assist with the day-to-day happenings, and many would be surprised to know that she works the front line and takes our mainline phone calls when we're pressed for help, never placing herself above anyone else. Her leaving will be felt across campus, but there is no one that deserves a better retirement than Leslie."

"[Payroll Services] continues to be accurate in everything they do, timely, and an absolute pleasure to work with. The challenges they are managing are huge, but they are managed with grace and professionalism."

"With the transition to Workday I can only imagine the increased workload and added stress on the payroll department. The staff in your department have made this transition bearable by ensuring as many employees as possible continue to get a paycheck. Can't thank you enough!"

"Thank you so very much for all that you've done for campus, and thanks for being a wonderful colleague. I wish you all the best! "

“It has been a true pleasure working with Leslie the past 18 years. She always made time and lent support to help patiently during our solving discussions. Her sharp expertise, professionalism and calm demeanor set an excellent example of what true leader is. She will be missed and so very hard to replace. We are losing one of our most collaborative, resourceful colleagues.”

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Feb. 19, 2019