Nonresident Taxes

For tax purposes in the United States, individuals can be classified in one of four groups: U. S. Citizen, Permanent Resident Alien, Resident Alien for tax purposes, or Nonresident Alien for tax purposes.

To determine tax residency, non-U.S. citizen employees (excluding most permanent residents, DACA recipients, and asylees) are required to use Glacier, a nonresident tax compliance system, which collects information about an individual's immigration status, visa, country of residency, and history of presence in the United States. In order to properly pay and tax employees, the following determinations must be made:

  • residency tax status (nonresident or resident alien for tax purposes),
  • eligibility to claim a tax treaty exemption (based on country of residence) and/or
  • nonresident OASDI (Social Security) and Medicare tax exemption.

Upon completion of the required data within Glacier, all system-generated forms, as well as copies of immigration documents, must be signed and submitted to Payroll Services in order to withhold the appropriate taxes from an employee’s payroll payments.


1042-S Forms

A nonresident employee who earned wages that were exempt from federal withholding taxes due to a tax treaty will receive a Form 1042-S from Payroll Services. Nonresidents will receive both a 1042-S and W-2 form if wages earned are above the tax treaty limit. Additionally, Accounting and Financial Management provides 1042-S forms for reporting scholarships, fellowships, royalties, and cash prizes paid to non-residents during the tax year.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires employers to send 1042-S forms to eligible individuals no later than March 15 of each year, and the university typically mails them in mid-February to the employee’s primary home address.  1042-S forms can be accessed electronically through the My Tax Forms page of UT Direct.


Nonresident IRS Tax Returns

The International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) section of Texas Global has a license agreement for Glacier Tax Prep, which will assist individuals with preparing nonresident U.S. tax returns.

For additional information and assistance with nonresident taxes and IRS tax return forms, please see the Texas Global site for Nonresident Taxes and Glacier Tax Prep.



Last updated 05/14/2020