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News and Spotlights

FY 23/24 Encumbrance Differences - posted 09/12/23

The daily Payroll Commitment Adjustment process for FY 23/24 will now create prior period commitments for retro activity. Encumbrances are normally not created for completed pay periods when retroactive changes are made, such as compensation changes, or FTE changes, but due to an unanticipated consequence of moving up the start date of the academic calendar, Workday will create commitments for retro activity for FY 23/24. 

Note this will only occur where retroactive changes are made, and there is no change to the process of encumbering future pay periods. The prior period encumbrances will liquidate on the next on-cycle monthly payroll. An adjustment to Fiscal Year End processing will be made to ensure this does not happen when creating future fiscal year initial encumbrances.

Please reach out to the if you have questions. 

Split Deposits Enabled in Workday! - posted 11/16/2022

We are pleased to announce that an exciting new feature has been enabled in Workday! You now have the ability to split your payroll deposits between two different accounts or institutions by either a stated dollar amount or a percentage of your paycheck. Please see these instructions. If you have questions regarding this new feature, or how to enroll in direct deposit, please contact Payroll Services.

Payroll Calendars Updated - posted 7/13/2023

The MonthlySemi-Monthly, and Off-Cycle payroll calendars have been updated for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.

Paper Checks and Mailing Addresses

In an effort to follow the recommended social distancing guidelines, paper checks are being delivered by US Mail to the home address listed in Workday. 

It is important for you to be sure that all contact information in Workday is current and accurate. Information on how to review and update your personal information in Workday is available online. If you do not wish to receive a paper check via US Mail, please enroll in Direct Deposit.

UFCU Payment Election Change in Workday - posted 10/24/2022

In order to facilitate upcoming enhancements to direct deposit options, we will be removing Direct Deposit to UFCU as an option and moving those who currently have that payment election to Direct Deposit. You may see a notification in Workday and an email informing you that your payment elections have been updated. This will not entail any changes to how we process direct deposits or the timing of payments. The official university paydays will not change. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Payroll Services.

UFCU Direct Deposit Changes

We have recently implemented changes to how our payroll files are transmitted. For employees whose Payment Election is “Direct Deposit to UFCU”, the description of payroll deposits in your UFCU accounts will change from “UT Payroll” to “UNIV TX AUSTIN - PAYROLL”. While UFCU does not plan to change their policy of posting ahead of payday, they will likely not post these deposits as early in the day as they have been. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please email

New 2020 IRS W-4 Forms

The IRS W-4 Form underwent significant changes for 2020. These changes have been updated in Workday, and include the ability to file as Head of household and as a Qualifying widow(er). Additionally, allowances have been eliminated from the form. Employees who have submitted a W-4 Form previously do not need to complete the new form, unless they would like to make changes to their elections. This can be done in Workday from the Pay application, under Withholding Elections. The IRS recommends using their Tax Withholding Estimator when filling out the W-4 Form, in order to elect the most accurate withholding.

Retro Prior to 11/1/2018

Do you have an HR or Payroll related transaction that did not get processed for the October 2018 period or prior? If so, processing these transactions is being coordinated with Workday Operational Support Team. Please see the Retro (Prior to 11/1/18) Transaction Guidance section on Workday’s Help & Support page.