About Us

Payroll Services at The University of Texas at Austin is responsible for:

Producing and distributing payroll for approximately 25,000 employees

  • Processing regular monthly semi-monthly and off-cycle payrolls for employees of the university
  • Providing electronic means of transmitting payroll information and forms as well as payments via direct deposit
  • Compiling, remitting, and disseminating payroll deductions, information, and other payroll activity reports to UT departments, other UT campuses, UT System Administration, state and federal agencies, and outside vendors

Tax reporting and compliance

  • Withholding and remitting employment taxes to the Internal Revenue Service
  • Preparing and reporting year-end tax information including IRS Forms W-2, W-2C, and 1042S
  • State tax withholding and reporting for employees working and/or living outside the State of Texas
  • Administering student OASDI exemptions

Nonresident alien tax compliance

  • Adhering to nonresident alien tax guidelines
  • Administering tax treaties and exemptions in accordance with federal regulations

Retirement and insurance

  • Administering mandatory and voluntary retirement and insurance programs
  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state and university guidelines
  • Remitting retirement contributions to the Teacher Retirement System and Optional Retirement Program approved providers
  • Processing insurance and flex remittances
  • Other reporting to the UT System Office of Employee Benefits, state agencies, and outside vendors

Team Area Responsibilities

Customer Service Team

  • General Information
  • Payment and Withholding Elections
  • Lost Paychecks
  • Direct Deposit Issues
  • W-4 and PSEI Forms
  • Social Security Number Conflicts
  • Temp Social Security Numbers

Institutional Support

  • Component Code Changes
  • Other UT Campus Support

Tax Team

  • Federal Withholding, OASDI (Social Security) and Medicare
  • Departmental Fringe Charges and Encumbrances
  • Taxable Fringe Benefits
  • W-2 and W-2c Forms
  • State and Local Taxes
  • CDA Policy

Nonresident Taxes

  • Nonresident Employee Taxes
  • GLACIER System
  • 1042 and 8233 Forms

Miscellaneous Deductions

  • Charitable Contributions
  • Union Dues, Rec Sports, Parking
  • Withholding Orders
  • State of Texas HRIS Payroll and Personnel Reporting

Payment Team

  • Monthly Pay Group Salary and Earnings
  • Semi-Monthly Pay Group Hourly Pay and Earnings
  • On-Demand Payments
  • Overpayments
  • Stop Payments, Check Cancellations
  • Faculty Salary Spread
  • Retroactive Cost Transfers
  • Payroll Accounting Transactions

Retirement Team

  • Mandatory Retirement Programs: TRS and ORP
  • Voluntary UTSaver Retirement Programs
  • Tax Sheltered Annuities, Roth Contributions
  • Deferred Compensation
  • TRS Forms and Reporting
  • Retirement Contribution Limits
  • UTRetirement Manager
  • Working Retirees

Insurance Team

  • Employee and Retiree Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (UT FLEX)
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance
  • Unemployment Compensation Insurance
  • Retiree Billing and Autopay


Last updated 11/8/2018