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Workday is live! For Workday information and guidance, please visit our website, the Training website, or search askUS (Keyword: "Workday").

Welcome! We’ve made it to Workday!

Our staff is ready to help in any way we can. We have updated our pages so they are relevant to both Workday and Legacy when still applicable. We encourage you to visit Workday@UT and askUS for overall training and guidance, and continue to visit our pages for payroll specific information. If you have suggestions, comments or even general feedback, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your patience and support as we all transition to Workday together!

~Leslie Saucedo

News & Spotlights

2019 Federal Withholding Tax Rates and Social Security Wage Base

The IRS released the 2019 federal withholding tax rates in late Dec., and they were put into effect in Workday beginning with wages paid on Jan. 7, 2019. In addition, the Social Security wage base limit for 2019 increased from $128,400 to $132,900, and changes were implemented in Workday beginning with wages paid on Jan. 2, 2019. For individuals under the wage base limit, total Social Security and Medicare tax remains the same at 7.65% (6.2% plus 1.45%). Additional Medicare of 0.9% also remains in effect for wages above $200,000.

Opting Out of Paper W-2s

Tax Year 2018 W-2s will be available in Workday before the Jan. 31 deadline. Opt out of Paper W-2s now by following these quick and easy steps.

Payroll Calendars Updated

Please see the Monthly, Semi-Monthly, and Off-Cycle payroll calendars for processing dates through the April 2019 pay period. The first semi-monthly pay date in April has also changed from Monday, April 8, to Friday, April 5.

Paycheck & Payslip Changes

With the university’s November 2018 transition to Workday, there are many changes that ultimately impact all of our university employees. While there may be countless differences between Legacy and Workday read about some of the most significant employee paycheck changes on our Payroll-Related Workday Changes webpage.

Website Changes

The Payroll Web site has been updated for Workday applicability. Please be sure to check out our pages for updated information as it pertains to both Legacy and Workday. Over the next few months we will continue to build upon the information, so please send us any suggestions you may have.

Retro Prior to 11/1/2018

Do you have an HR or Payroll related transaction that did not get processed for the October 2018 period or prior? If so, processing these transactions is being coordinated with Workday Operational Support Team. Please see the Retro (Prior to 11/1/18) Transaction Guidance section on Workday’s Help & Support page.

New On Demand (Emergency Check) Process

The Legacy Emergency Check Request process has been replaced with On-Demand Payment Requests in Workday. For more information, including requirements and applicable pay dates, please see our On Demand Payments webpage.

Retiree Insurances Changes

Beginning with the December 2018 coverage month, the retiree insurance billing process changed from a quarterly billing cycle to monthly. Please see our Retiree/Surviving Dependent Insurance Billing Information webpage for more information.

Archived News and Spotlights

Please check back regularly for new announcements and page updates, which will continue to occur over the upcoming months.

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