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Welcome! We are a team of payroll professionals dedicated to serving the university community. Our primary goal is to provide timely and accurate payroll services while ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and policies. Additional responsibilities of Payroll Services include federal and state reporting, administering and remitting employee deductions and employer contributions, taxable fringe benefits administration, departmental fringe assessments, retiree insurance billing, and nonresident alien taxation.

We hope the information on our website is useful, and that you will visit frequently. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or ideas that would help us serve you better.

~Leslie Saucedo, Director

New 2018-19 Fiscal Year Calendars Available!

New Monthly and Semi-Monthly payroll calendars have been posted with dates through Oct. 2018*, which will be the last payroll processed in our Legacy system (current system).

Automatically update your Microsoft Outlook Calendar with the payroll paydays and departmental deadlines by clicking Download Payroll Dates to Outlook.

*Please see the Monthly, Semi-Monthly, and Paydays Web pages for additional information as it pertains to Workday, the new system for human resources and payroll, taking effect with the Nov. 1, 2018 pay period.

Learn More About How You Can Prepare for Workday

In November 2018, UT Austin will launch Workday, a new system for human resources and payroll that will impact all staff, faculty, and student employees. There are many activities individuals and units can engage in to better prepare for the move to Workday.

Upcoming Retiree Insurances Changes

In December 2018 we will be making changes to the retiree insurance billing process. Please click to see the upcoming changes.

Archived News and Spotlights

Please check back regularly for new announcements and page updates, which will be
occurring over the next couple of months prior to Workday Go-Live.

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