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Workday is live! For Workday information and guidance, please visit our website, the Training website, or search askUS (Keyword: "Workday").

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Cost Transfer Information Page and Calendar Updated for FY 2019-20

Information related to Payroll Cost Transfers can be found on the Cost Transfer page. We have also updated the Cost Transfer Calendar through August 2020.

Payroll Calendars Updated

The Monthly and Semi-Monthly payroll calendars have been updated for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The Off-Cycle payroll calendar has been updated through February 2020.

Salary Spread Program – Aug. 31 Deadline

Faculty interested in participating in the Salary Spread program or interested in canceling participation beginning with the 2019-20 academic year must submit a Salary Spread Request Form to Payroll Services indicating their preference. Request forms must be received in Payroll Services, MAI 134, no later than Aug. 31. Please see our Faculty Salary Spread page for more information, including information about ineligibility for this option, if funded from grant accounts during the long semesters. Salary Spread inquiries and cancellation requests can be sent via email to Payroll Services.

Payroll Calendars Updated

The Monthly, Semi-Monthly and Off-Cycle payroll calendars have been updated through September 2019. Additional updates for fiscal year 2019-20 are forthcoming.

Paycheck & Payslip Changes

With the university’s November 2018 transition to Workday, there are many changes that ultimately impact all of our university employees. While there may be countless differences between Legacy and Workday read about some of the most significant employee paycheck changes on our Payroll-Related Workday Changes webpage.

Website Changes

The Payroll Web site has been updated for Workday applicability. Please be sure to check out our pages for updated information as it pertains to both Legacy and Workday. Over the next few months we will continue to build upon the information, so please send us any suggestions you may have.

Retro Prior to 11/1/2018

Do you have an HR or Payroll related transaction that did not get processed for the October 2018 period or prior? If so, processing these transactions is being coordinated with Workday Operational Support Team. Please see the Retro (Prior to 11/1/18) Transaction Guidance section on Workday’s Help & Support page.

New On Demand (Emergency Check) Process

The Legacy Emergency Check Request process has been replaced with On-Demand Payment Requests in Workday. For more information, including requirements and applicable pay dates, please see our On Demand Payments webpage.

Retiree Insurances Changes

Beginning with the December 2018 coverage month, the retiree insurance billing process changed from a quarterly billing cycle to monthly. Please see our Retiree/Surviving Dependent Insurance Billing Information webpage for more information.

Archived News and Spotlights

Please check back regularly for new announcements and page updates, which will continue to occur over the upcoming months.

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