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All employees of The University of Texas at Austin are required to provide personally identifiable information that is used in the payroll process and for payroll and employment reporting to federal and state authorities. Paychecks are distributed according to an employee’s Payment Elections and taxed according to Withholding Elections unless exempted by law, which may the case for student and nonresident employees. If payment and/or withholding elections are not provided by an employee, defaults will be used.


Payment Elections

Payment Elections is a secure self-service application in Workday that provides a way for university employees to select how they want to receive their payroll payments. This includes setting up a bank account and electing direct deposit so that funds are deposited electronically. Employees can also choose to receive paper checks via Campus Mail or pick up in Payroll. If a Payment Election is not made, the default distribution method will be paper check, pick up in Payroll Services.

To View or Edit your Payment Elections, log into Workday using your UTEID, Password, and Two-Factor Authentication. From the home page, click on the Pay application icon, then click Payment Elections.


Direct Deposit

In order to receive payroll payments via direct deposit, employees must make a Direct Deposit Declaration. To make this declaration, log into Workday, and from the home page, click Personal Information > About Me > Personal > Additional Data, then scroll down to the Direct Deposit Declaration. Click Edit and follow the instructions on the page.

  • In order to receive payroll payments via direct deposit, you will need to have an Account entered in Workday. IF you do not have an account, click Add.
  • To change bank account information that is already entered, click Edit or Remove next to that Account’s name.
  • Once an account is successfully entered, you will need to either Add or Edit your Payment Election Payment Type to be Direct Deposit*, then select the bank account you want your payments to be deposited and click OK.
    • *Note: Employees who bank with the University Federal Credit Union (UFCU), must select Direct Deposit to UFCU in Workday.

Paychecks deposited to a bank account are sent electronically and only one account is authorized at a time. Bank deposit times vary; therefore, employee questions regarding specific deposit times should be directed to his or her financial institution.


Paper Checks

To choose to receive your payroll paycheck via paper check, in the Payment Elections section, click Add or Edit. Then select a Payment Type for one of the following options:

  • Paper Check - Campus Mail*
    To view or edit your campus mail code, click on the cloud icon in the upper right corner of any page, then click on View Profile > Personal > Additional Data, and scroll down to Campus Mail Code
  • Paper Check - Pick up in Payroll Services
    Employees choosing to pick up their paychecks at Payroll Services may do so between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding official university closures. A picture ID is required.


Withholding Elections

All payroll payments are subject to OASDI (Social Security), Medicare, and federal withholding taxes, unless exempted by law, which may be the case for nonresident tax treaties, student employees or nonresident aliens. Federal and state taxes are deducted in accordance with these laws and the employee’s federal and state withholding elections. If no federal election is made, the default is Single or Married filing separately with no additional elections. For out-of-state employees, if no state election is made, the default will vary in accordance with the applicable state law.


Paper Forms

Employees that are not able to log in to Workday to add or edit their Payment Elections will need to complete both the Payroll Services Employee Information (PSEI) Form and W-4 Form. Both forms must be printed, completed, and submitted to Payroll Services, mail code G0200, MAI 134.


Last updated 05/14/2020