Payroll Info

Guidance for university departments, employees, and retirees regarding payroll-related processes.

General Employee Info

New Employees
Read about payroll and other related documentation pertaining to new university employees and nonresidents.

Social Security Numbers
Information about the collection of social security numbers by the university and examples of when Payroll Services may request a copy of an employee’s Social Security Card.

My Pay Profile
Information regarding entering, viewing, and updating your personal payroll information, including tax withholdings, check distribution, and bank direct deposits.

Legacy Earnings Statements
A guide to understanding payroll earnings statements that were issued out of the Legacy system through the Nov. 7, 2018 payday.

Replacement Checks
If a payroll check has been lost, destroyed or expired, employees may request a Replacement Check from Payroll Services as provided via this page.

Income Earned Outside the U.S.
Information about working for The University of Texas at Austin while located outside the United States.

Non-U.S. Citizens

Social Security Numbers (SSNs) for Non-U.S. Citizen Employees
Nonresident information about applying for a social security number with the Social Security Administration, temporary SSN assignments, and updating university employment records once the social security card is received.

Glacier — Nonresident Tax Compliance System
Learn about Glacier, the software system designed to collect information about immigration status, citizenship, residency, and history of presence in the U.S. to determine an individual's tax residency status and tax exemption eligibility.

Nonresident Taxes
Review information about nonresident alien taxation, including year-end forms and IRS tax returns.


Taxable Fringe Benefits
Benefits provided to employees outside the payroll system may be taxable to the employee in accordance with IRS guidelines.

Employment Taxes
Learn about how federal, state and local taxes are calculated on your paycheck, including OASDI (Social Security) and Medicare.

Student Employee FICA Exemption
Rules regarding the federal student FICA exemption for OASDI (Social Security) and Medicare taxes.

Tax Forms
Information about tax forms that are furnished by the University of Texas at Austin.


Faculty Members

Using Split Direct Deposit to Establish Reserves
Guidance on how 9 month Faculty can utilize Workday's split deposit feature to establish flexible cash reserves for summer months.


Payroll Financials

Cost Transfers 
Information on processing Cost Transfers.

Cost Transfers Schedule 
Schedule of Cost Transfer integration runs.

Fringe Benefits
Rates and other information used for calculating and reporting departmental fringe charges and encumbrances.


Payment & Processing

Awards (Employee)
Guidelines for paying awards to university employees including documentation requirements.

On Demand Payments
Information and requirements about requesting pay for employees who missed being paid on the regular on cycle payroll in Workday.

Guidance and instruction about employee overpayments and the steps to take when one occurs.

Paydays and Deadlines
View the pay dates and corresponding deadlines for the monthly and semi-monthly payrolls that occur each month.

Tuition Benefits 
Tuition Remission and Staff Educational Benefit information.

Understanding Your Payslip


Retirement & Insurance

Premiums for Prior Coverage Periods
Payment options for premiums owed for a prior payroll period.

Insurance and Retirement Deadlines
Payroll deadlines for making insurance and retirement changes.

Retiree & Surviving Dependent Insurance Billing
Information for retiree and surviving dependent insurance billing, including AutoPay, which allows retirees to set up automatic payments directly from their bank accounts.

Insurance Billing for Employees on Leave and Eligible Fellowship Recipients
Insurance billing information for employees on leave, postdoctoral fellows and graduate student fellows.

Turn Your Vacation Payment into Retirement Savings
Learn about deferring your unused leave payment into a UTSaver 457(b) Deferred Compensation account.

Refund of Teacher Retirement System (TRS) Contributions
Guidelines for requesting a TRS refund for employees who have separated from the university and want a refund of their TRS contributions.



Last updated 4/15/2022

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