Premiums for Prior Coverage Periods

While Payroll and HR work hard to ensure insurance and retirement coverage is effective and applied correctly, there are occasionally situations where retro premiums will be owed by the employee and attempted to be collected on the next available paycheck.  If the employee is unable to pay the full amount owed on their next check, they may contact payroll services to set up a repayment plan. 

Repayment plans are available but are restricted to the current calendar year to avoid crossing tax years.  At a minimum, two paychecks worth of premiums will be deducted from each check until the employee is caught up.  In the event an employee separates from the University before repayment is complete, the remaining balance owed will be withheld from the employee’s final check.  Please contact payroll services at to find out more information and proceed with setting up a repayment plan.