Replacement Checks

A replacement paycheck is issued in the event that a paper paycheck has been lost, destroyed, never received, or has become stale dated because it has not been cashed within 13 months of the issue date. Although payroll checks may indicate a void status after set number of days (e.g. Void 180 days after check date), the checks are generally honored by financial institutions until they become stale dated, 13 months after the issue date. Employees should check with their financial institution to confirm the paycheck cannot be accepted prior to contacting Payroll Services.

  • The earliest date a replacement check can be requested is one week after the applicable payday.
  • The employee will need to complete and sign the Replacement Check Request Form before a stop payment can be placed on the original paycheck. The form can be completed in Payroll Services, Main Building (MAI), Room 4 or the employee can obtain the form from our website to complete, sign and return to us.
  • For stale dated checks, please contact Payroll Services, as we must first research the check status before a replacement check can be issued.


For general questions regarding a replacement check, contact via email or phone, 512-471-5271. The form is located on our website. For specific inquiries regarding whether a check has been cashed or not, please provide the following information:

  • employee name
  • UT EID
  • check date
  • reason for request

Payroll Services encourages employees to use direct deposit to eliminate the possibility of receiving late payment due to a lost check.


Replacement payments are usually completed within three to five business days after Payroll Services receives a signed Replacement Check Request Form. The form requires the employee to choose whether to have a check issued or to have the payment direct deposited.