Cost Transfer Information

The information below covers how retroactive costing allocation changes are processed in Workday and DEFINE. The Cost Transfer Integration Schedule shows the days in which costing allocation changes are processed in Workday.


Cost Transfers

How do Cost Transfers Work?

When a department retroactively changes the costing allocation on a worker position or a worker position earning, a cost transfer integration looks for these events and transfers any charges that have already occurred from the old costing allocation to the new.

The integration moves charges by creating a Manual Payment with the reason of Cost Transfer. Once the Manual Payment is completed, the Payroll Actuals integration will pick up the information overnight and create cost transfer VJ1 documents for each worker that are approved the next business day unless the transfer involves a grant account with service dates greater than 90 days.*

*All cost transfer documents involving grant accounts with service dates greater than 90 days from the current month route to the Office of Sponsored Projects for review and approval. Because of this, these documents can take more time to be final approved.

How do I Create a Costing Allocation Change?

Unless it’s a One-Time Payment (OTP), you will need to have your cost center manager enter the costing in Workday. If you have questions on how to complete a costing allocation change, please visit the Job Costing training website and refer to the Assign Costing Allocations as a Stand-Alone Process - Workday Instructional Guide. If you have further questions, please reach out to AskUs.

How do I move charges for a One-Time Payment (OTP)?

One-Time Payments (OTP) have costing assigned as part of the OTP business process. As such, there is not a way to programmatically change that costing in Workday once the payment is made. If you need to move the charges for an OTP that has already paid out, please email the Financials Team at Please note this request must come from an authorized signer on the new cost center(s) and include the following information:

Employee name:
OTP Type:
Payment Date:
Cost Center from:
Cost Center to:

Authorized signers can be found using the GBS command in DEFINE. Our team will need to manually create these cost transfers in WD, so please understand this may take a little time to process depending on current workload.

What if I want to move charges for a pay period prior to 11/1/2018?

Pre-go live cost transfers are handled by Workday Operational Support. This includes September and October of 2018 and prior fiscal year transfers. Please refer to Retro Cost Transfers Guidance on Retro Transaction Guidance page. Please note these transfers can take longer to process.

Questions about Payroll Charges on Account

We rely on departments to reconcile their accounts and reach out to us with any questions or discrepancies related to payroll charges, including cost transfer, that are found. There are several Financial Reports that may help in researching issues, including a Stopgap Account Report. There are some cases in which charges may cost to the stopgap account due to known issues with Workday. If you see charges on your stopgap that should not be there (i.e. there is other costing in place for the service dates shown on the stopgap), please reach out to us at We may need to manually correct this.


For further information, please contact the Financials Team at


Last updated 11/03/2020