New Employees

All employees of The University of Texas at Austin are required to provide personally identifiable information that is used in the payroll process and for payroll and employment-related reporting to federal and state authorities. These include, but are not limited to, social security number, gender, date of birth, race/ethnicity, citizenship, and military/veteran status.


Workday Information

Beginning in November 2018, the university launched Workday, a new system for human resources and payroll that impacts faculty, staff, and student employees. This system includes HR, Compensation, Time Tracking, Payroll and more. Employees use Workday for timekeeping and other self-service activities such as updating their personal information and claiming tax documents.

Payment Elections and Withholding Elections need to be completed in Workday in order for payroll payments to be distributed and taxed according to employee preferences. Logging into Workday requires an upgraded UT EID and two-factor authentication. Please see My Pay Profile for more information about entering and updating these elections.


Nonresident Required Payroll Information

In addition to completing Payment Elections and Withholding Elections in Workday, nonresidents must also complete a Glacier record. Glacier is a nonresident tax compliance system.

After a nonresident employee's job has been processed in Workday and the citizenship status is identified as nonresident, the employee will receive an email notification regarding Glacier via the university's Secure Message System. The secure message will provide a temporary password and login instructions for establishing a Glacier record.

Once Glacier documentation has been completed by the nonresident, signed forms and copies of the employee's immigration documents must be submitted to Tax Services using the secure Qualtrics link. Glacier documents should never be shared via email because they contain sensitive data.

Additional information for nonresident employees can be found on the following Payroll Web pages:


Other Information for New Employees

For a comprehensive New Employee Checklist, including information about new employee orientation, ID cards, insurance coverage, and other university requirements, please visit Human Resources’ website:


Paper Forms

Employees who are not able to log into Workday to add or edit their payroll information will need to complete both the Payroll Services Employee Information (PSEI) Form and W-4 Form. Both forms must be completed, printed, and submitted to Payroll Services, mail code G0200, MAI 4.


Last updated 11/14/2023