New Employees

Required Payroll Information

In order to process payments to new employees of the university, My Paycheck Profile will need to be completed, which includes an employee's personal data, paycheck distribution, withholding tax, direct deposit banking information, and mailing addresses. The My Paycheck Profile Web application is accessible via UT Direct and requires an Upgraded UT EID to log in. Employees who cannot access My Paycheck Profile will need to complete both the Payroll Services Employee Information (PSEI) Form and W-4 Form in order to receive payroll payments. Both forms must then be printed and submitted to Payroll Services, MAI 134, G0200.

Nonresident Required Payroll Information

In addition to completing My Paycheck Profile, nonresidents must also complete additional information via GLACIER, a nonresident tax compliance system. After a nonresident employee's assignment has been processed and his/her immigration status has been reported via the I-9 Form, Employment Eligibility Verification or through My Paycheck Profile, he/she will receive an email notification regarding GLACIER via the university's Secure Message System. The secure message will provide a temporary password and login instructions for using the system. Once GLACIER documentation has been completed by the nonresident, signed forms and copies of the employee's immigration documents must be submitted to Payroll Services.

Other Information for New Employees

For a comprehensive New Employee Checklist, including information about new employee orientation, ID cards, insurance coverage, and other university requirements, please visit the HRS website: